About Us

JP Web is a Company that specializes in Web based development activities, Client Server solutions and corporate website development & maintenance services.

Incorporated in 2003, JP Web is an established software and web development house in the industry catering to the needs of its customers. With the goal of marketing of IT products, today JP Web is dedicated to providing cost effective and innovative software development solutions for many companies in different industries.

JP Web innovative approach to IT marketing, Website design and development and outsourcing increases its Customer's competitive advantage and helps them to overcome their budget and resource challenges.

A special emphasis is made on after sales service. It is because of this endeavor to keep the customers happy that JP Web today has a long list of satisfied customers. We have created a culture of teamwork and empowerment. Each team member is an integral part of the whole. They are empowered to make and suggest directions of the company. This environment of supportive collaboration allows us to foster the spirit of innovation. It is this spirit that enhances the values of our company and inspires growth.

We recognize that business exists to serve community and we are dedicated to repaying the community for the opportunities and successes that have been presented to us. From website designing and Internet solutions to software development and business consultancy, JP Web offers a wide spectrum of services to suit specific needs and requirements